Etienne Perret presented his latest work at 8th GDR Ondes Plenary Conference

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9 octobre 2019
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21 septembre 2020

Etienne Perret presented his latest work at 8th GDR Ondes Plenary Conference

Principal investigator Etienne Perret presented part of his latest research on ScattererID project at 8th GDR Ondes Plenary Conference (GT4) on October 29, 2019 in CentraleSupélec at Gif-sur-Yvette, France. He gave a lecture on « Disposable RF devices based on Printable Non-Volatile RF-Switch ».


The need for information identification and capture is a matter of prime importance in modern societies. Every sectors of society rely on the identification of data exchanged the updating of the data recorded on a tag and the measurement of physical parameters. Key issues such as the way to reduce power consumption, to improve the communication quality-of-service and to enhance connectivity have recently come up for lots of industries. One important direction for researchers to consider is to develop low-power, low cost tags for wireless identification and sensing. Lots of improvements have been done in the past few years on communication systems, based on printed electronic devices. However, it is still difficult to print with low cost techniques a basic component like a RF switch that could be used for many applications where the device need to be reconfigure while it is in use. For instance, the possibility of designing reconfigurable and low cost, printable chipless tags, antennas, or even filters… involves the development of original approaches at the forefront of progress, like the use of structures from the CBRAM microelectronics technology, allowing to achieve reconfigurable elements based on Nano-switches.

Broadband RF switch for telecommunications where the power consumption of the switch is reduced is clearly awaited. Today’s technological solutions [solid state and radiofrequency microelectromechanical (RF MEMS) based systems] need some improvements to meet the challenges of the future. The CBRAM technology has shown the potential to operate at lower energies and voltage, making it particularly interesting for embedded applications. I will present our last results in the use of CBRAM cells to realized printable and disposable non-volatile RF-switch for specific RF applications.


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