Scattererid project

Our research equipment

The ScattererID team has a wide range of research facilities available for the project, such as professional platforms for RF and Electromagnetic simulation, in addition to several RF test and measurement setups including anechoic chamber.

In addition to these facilities, specific equipment has been acquired for the ERC project: StarLab.

StarLab is a very effective tool for antenna measurements in environments where space is limited, cost is critical, and the flexibility of a portable system is required. It performs 3D passive measurements in spherical and cylindrical geometries and can also characterize antennas in 3D OTA (spherical measurements).

The system of the StarLab is based on patented probe array technology. This system offers the speed advantages of a probe array, while the mechanical rotations in azimuth and elevation allows for unlimited angular resolution over the full 3D sphere.

Starlab an effective mesurement system

By adding a linear positioner, the StarLab system can be converted to a compact cylindrical near field measurement system. This system is particularly well-suited for measurements of base stations and other sectorial type array antennas often used in radar applications.

Because StarLab is compact and portable, it can perform passive measurements without the necessity of a test chamber. The StarLab doesn’t require special power or temperature control.

It is then a very appropriate tool for characterization of antennas, which is necessary to develop solutions within the framework of the ScattererID project.

Photos of our equipments