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26 avril 2023

Raymundo DE AMORIM JUNIOR at EuCAP 2023

PhD Student Raymundo DE AMORIM JUNIOR participated in the 2023 EuCAP conference that took place in Florence (Italy) on 26-31 […]
1 mars 2023

05/04/2023 – Seminar Filippo Costa and David Girbau Sala

  The ORSYS research team organizes a seminar on April 5 2023 at 5:30 pm (Room D030) in the framework […]
16 décembre 2022

05/12/2022 Seminar Gaetano MARROCCO and Milan POLIVKA

  The SCATTERER ID project organized a double seminar on Monday 05/12/2022 at the LCIS lab   At this occasion […]
21 septembre 2022

The Best Paper Award goes to Ashkan AZARFAR

Ashkan Azarfar was awarded the Best Paper Award at the IEEE RFID-TA 2022 This conference took place in  Cagliari, Italy  […]
13 juillet 2022

July 2023 – EEE APS CHAPTER LECTURE by Prof. Etienne PERRET

On 7th July 2022, Prof. Etienne Perret gave the presentation « Beyond Radio-Frequency Identification and Barcode, the chipless RFID » at the […]
12 juillet 2022

Etienne PERRET at the 2022 IMS

Dr. Etienne Perret participated in the 2022 IMS Conference that took place in Denver (United States) on 19-24 June 2022. […]